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Opening Alert: Boston Sushi Destination O Ya Finds a Zen Space in NYC

The restaurant throws its hat in the pricey omakase ring tonight.

Boston's acclaimed sushi restaurant O Ya will start serving its pricey omakase menus tonight in a warmly-lit zen space in the Park South Hotel. The restaurant is mostly closed off from the outside world, lined with exposed brick and elegantly stained wood. As to be expected from a restaurant that only serves an omakase, many of the seats line the restaurant's sushi bar. Owners Tim and Nancy Cushman already operate the hotel's rooftop bar, but tonight marks the debut of their first full-fledged New York restaurant.

The Menu: The Cushmans brought with them a chef who spent eight years in the kitchen at the original to run the restaurant here. There are two tasting menus, a "basic" omakase of 18 courses ($185) and a 24-course "Okii Ringo," or "Big Apple" menu ($245), which will incorporate more seasonal ingredients. There's no a la carte menu here like there is at the original, but that may come later.

Reservations are available via phone, and went live today, a bit earlier than expected, on OpenTable.

o ya

120 East 28th Street, Manhattan, NY 10016 (212) 204-0200 Visit Website