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Bad Neighbor Sixth Ward Is Officially Done; Cafe de Nora Is Dark on Canal Street

Say farewell to these places.

Say goodbye to the Sixth Ward's backyard.
Say goodbye to the Sixth Ward's backyard.
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LOWER EAST SIDE  — The State Liquor Authority has pulled Sixth Ward's license back in April and now the bar's team is officially packing it in. There's a fire sale going down today at 2:30 p.m. The bar's noisy antics annoyed neighbors (and neighborhood group the LES Dwellers) for years. [BB]

LOWER EAST SIDE — The tiny Cafe Dancer shuttered in mid-May. The space is now on the market for $5,624 a month and an unspecified amount of key money. [BB]

LOWER EAST SIDE — Cafe de Nora was only open for four months before it went dark during regular business hours. There's no official word of a shutter, but things don't look good. [BB]

UPPER WEST SIDE — Pan Asian spot Fusha West has been dark for several days, reports a tipster. There's no word of a shutter on the restaurant's social media accounts, but calls go unanswered and there are no openings on OpenTable over the next few weeks.

CHELSEA — A tipster sends along a photo of the 17th Street and 8th Avenue location of Koffeecake Corner, from Max Brenner co-founder Oded Brenner, which closed recently and has now been gutted. It was recently downgraded to a B by the Health Department, but that could be unrelated to the closure.

CHELSEA — The outpost of Pongsri Thai on 23rd Street has closed. The original, which calls itself the oldest Thai restaurant in NYC is still dark as well.

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