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Perpetual Shapeshifter Mission Cantina Experiments With All-Night Dollar Tacos

This might be the last night for dollar tacos...or this could be an entirely new identity for the restaurant.

Danny Bowien making tacos.
Danny Bowien making tacos.
Daniel Krieger

The important thing to know about Danny Bowien's Mission Cantina is that you can't count on eating any dish twice. Bowien is a restless chef who loves throwing things at the wall — and just because something sticks, that doesn't mean he'll put it on the menu for very long. Burgers, burritos, fried rabbit, Vietnamese breakfast dishes, and "San Diego fries," have popped on and off the menu over the last year and a half.  Sometimes, the tastiest, most blogged-about new dishes are only available for just a few hours on any given day. This kind of menu shapeshifting can be maddening if you crave a certain specialty.  But it can also be a lot of fun, especially if you dig the chef's eclectic, freewheeling style.

With that in mind, it is worth noting that today, Bowien is serving a bunch of different tacos for a dollar each, from five till midnight:

He's done a dollar taco happy hour before, but this week, it looks like D-Bow is experimenting with all-night service. Today's taco menu is longer than yesterday's list, and it might get even bigger tomorrow or — poof! — it could disappear forever.

If you happen to try the sardine taco, or that Tijuana hot dog version, let us know how it goes.

Mission Cantina

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