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Madison Square Garden Torments Morrissey by Serving Sliders and Chicken Strips at Vegan Show

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Hasn't this man suffered enough already?

Morrissey Pic: Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images

The former indoor kids of New York City flocked to Madison Square Garden on Saturday night to see Morrissey perform at what was slated to be a historic, meat-free show — the first of its kind at the stadium. But as it turns out, MSG didn't fully comply with the request from one of the world's most influential vegetarians. Gothamist reports that, although the main concession stands went meat-free for the night, the VIP areas featured Hill Country brisket sandwiches, chicken fingers, meatball sliders, and trays of sushi.

Morrissey has not yet commented on the flub, but a rep for MSG explains: "This was an oversight and will be fixed the next time." During one portion of the show, Morrissey performed The Smiths track "Meat Is Murder" while a PETA reel of animal cruelty played in the background.

When the plan to go meatless was first announced, many concession stand operators agreed to go dark that night. Drew Nieporent, the legendary restaurateur who operates Daily Burger at MSG, explained: "I love my man Morrissey. He's a wonderful artist, so I wouldn't mind. He can do whatever he wants."

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