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Superiority Burger Drops Vegan Nachos Bomb, Burnside Biscuits Nearly Open, And More Intel

Slow brewed overnight for the perfect cup of restaurant news and gossip. Add milk, if desired.


Vegan nachos. We repeat: Vegan nachos have been sighted at Superiority Burger (and so has famed chef and Brooks Headley mentor Nancy Silverton).

It ain't easy being cheesy #veganeatsnyc

A photo posted by #veganeatsnyc (@veganeatsnyc) on

But, you'll have to wait until Thursday for a chance at those chips. SupBurg is closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays:

Thank you NYC for an amazing first five days! We open again at 6pm on Thursday. See you here?

A photo posted by @superiorityburger on


Sara Polsky

— Bareburger's fried chicken and biscuit spot Burnside Biscuits is getting ever so close to opening in Astoria. Check out a peek inside...Is that a pizza oven?


Sara Polsky

— A day in the life of @FoodBabyNY. Brace.

— Ridgewood's prized Vietnamese spot Bunker lands today at Berg'n with bahn mi and more.

bunker berg'n


Today's the last day that styrofoam products — think Dunkin' Donuts coffee cups and those takeout containers at the hot bar lunch buffet — are legal in the city. Vendors are getting a six month grace period before any fines are handed out, so the foam will likely be around for a little while longer.

— A restaurant called Taco Recipes is moving in at 23 Essex Street, right next door to that all spring roll place Sam's. Snack time, anyone?

— It might not look like much now, but someday (hopefully soon) this will be L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon.

l'atelier plywood

— Gael Greene pens the most Gael Greene goodbye ever to the Four Seasons.

— The New York State Wage Board announced yesterday that they will advise the governor to raise the minimum wage for fast food workers, but didn't say how much that raise will be and when it will go into effect.

— A Black Lives Matter flashmob took over the 21 Club on Friday night, passing out "menus" with the names of black children who were killed.

Restaurant report cards are improving. Five years into the restaurant letter program, 60 percent of restaurants are getting A's on their initial inspection. Fines are also dropping, according to the DOH. "The more than 24,000 restaurants paid a total of $26.8 million in penalties to date in Fiscal Year 2015, an 18 percent decline over the same period last year."

— Russian pie company Stolle is heading to Brooklyn, taking over a chunk of the space at Tio Pio along Court Street downtown. The shop should open this September, meaning it will have to contend with the Maison Kayser going in up the block and the newly installed Paris Baguette.

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