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Fatburger Shutters, Stupak's Cheeseburger Tacos, Grass-Fed Stampede, and More Burger News

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The Houseman Burger
The Houseman Burger
Nick Solares

Is Green the New black?

While most burgers are made using grain-finished beef there is a growing movement towards the sustainability and positive health implications of using a purely grass-fed product. Seamus Mullen recently started serving one that he chops in-house at El Colmado Butchery and just this week two more have debuted on menus around town.

At the newly minted Houseman Ned Baldwin and Adam Baumgert are serving a double patty stacked grass-fed burger on a potato bun and a tangle of onions ($17, pictured at top). It's the slow food version of a fast food burger.

Meanwhile, over in Soho, Meatball Shop co-owner Michael Chernow's new sustainable seafooder Seamore's is also offering something for the landlubber. The grass fed burger is served on a Sullivan Street Bakery bun and is appointed with lettuce, tomato, Cheddar, bacon, and special sauce.

Burger Specials at Casa Nela Restaurants

All of Carlos Suarez's restaurants are celebrating Independence Day by offering special burger and beverage pairings through July 5. Get the "tongue & cheek" burger (brisket, short rib, and cheek marmalade with smoked tongue and secret foie gras sauce) and a bourbon flight for $32 at Bobo.  Over at Rosemary's, the beef, prosciutto, and guanciale burger with a Narragansett Lager will run you $20. And the lamb burger with a rosé is $25 at Claudette.

Fatburger's Sole NYC Location Has Shuttered

West Coast burger chain Fatburger opened back in 2013 with ambitious plans to open nine more restaurants within two years. The subsequent shops never materialized and now the sole location has ignominiously shuttered. Dating back to 1952 in Los Angeles, Fatburger has attained cult status amongst West Coast hip hop artists, being named checked in many songs. But the chain, despite several attempts, has never found traction in the city. Certainly being located on a rather desolate stretch of Third Avenue and facing stiff competition from a nearby Shake Shack that opened recently didn't help matters.

Alex Stupak Busts Out Cheeseburger Tacos

And finally, Alex Stupak is now serving cheeseburger tacos at Empellon Cocina. They are available at the bar only, and while it might seem something invented right here in NYC Stupak tells Eater that he actually discovered the "unexpected appropriation and adaptation" in Mexico City while doing research for his new cook book.

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