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Boston's Acclaimed O Ya Joins Manhattan's Serious Sushi Scene This Friday

Reservations open today.

Marguerite Preston

This Friday, Boston all-stars Tim and Nancy Cushman open the New York outpost of O Ya, their excellent sushi restaurant. It occupies a space on the ground floor of the Park South hotel, and though it joins the more casual rooftop bar they opened there last year, in many ways it could be considered their true arrival in New York City.

The menu here will be very similar to the one in Boston, and executed by a chef who has spent the past eight years at the original. But whereas O Ya Boston has an a la carte menu alongside its pricey omakase options, the O Ya here will be starting out with just two tasting menu options. The basic omakase, which consists of 18 courses, will go for $185, while a longer 24-course "Okii Ringo" (that means "Big Apple") menu, which includes more "unique" and seasonal ingredients goes for $245. Not cheap for sure, but both are, to greater or lesser degrees, a better deal than the Boston O Ya, where $185 gets you 17 courses, and a 24-course meal (admittedly different than the one served here) costs $285. They also put O Ya right in the mix with some of the city's most expensive omakase menus (see how it stacks up below). A la carte options may or may not be down the road – a representative says that decision has yet to be made.

Reservations for O Ya open today at noon, and for now are only being taken by phone at 212-204-0200. On Sunday, reservations will also become available on OpenTable.

Park South Hotel

124 E, 28th St., New York, NY 10016 (800) 315-4642 Visit Website

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