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Greenpoint's Floating Barge Bar Finally Scores Its Liquor License

The bar/community play center is opening sometime this month.


Brooklyn Barge Bar's co-owner Will Drawbridge has been fighting for a liquor license for his floating Greenpoint bar, community play space, and aquatic center for a while now. Yesterday, he finally got one from the State Liquor Authority, reports Gothamist. For months, the local community board refused to support the application, worried about sound from the outdoor space and sloppy drunks spilling over into the park. But Drawbridge says there seems to be more community support now. "It was really the amazing letters of support from our partners and the community that made this happen." There's still no opening date, but Drawbridge has vowed that the space will open this month, hopefully by mid-June, with "as many local beers and spirits as we can."

Brooklyn Barge Bar

91 West Street, Brooklyn , NY 11222