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Dogs Inch Closer to Being Allowed in Outdoor Cafes

Even if the bill passes, the DOH may be able to block it in NYC.

Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

Dogs got one step closer to getting into NYC's al fresco dining spaces yesterday. The State Assembly's health committee passed a bill that's been working its way through the state government to allow dogs to join their owners at outdoor cafes, with a few stipulations. To keep things hygienic, dogs could only eat or drink out of single use dishes. Cafe owners would also have to clean up after the dogs (though hopefully the owners would do that first?), and would need to post a sign warning guests that dogs might be present.

Next, the bill has to be approved by the codes committee, and then it will go for a vote in the full Assembly. But, even if it passes there, it's unclear if the city's Department of Health, which is opposed to the bill, would be able to block it. Maybe these health rules will appease them. Stay tuned.

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