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Displaced Fry Haven Pommes Frites Has Found a New Home in Greenwich Village

The beloved fry shop destroyed in the 2nd Avenue explosion returns this fall.

The original Pommes Frites.
The original Pommes Frites.
Robert Sietsema

The late and great fry shop Pommes Frites has found a new home over in Greenwich Village, where it hopes to reopen this fall. The original 18-year-old location in the East Village was destroyed in the aftermath of the tragic 2nd Avenue explosion in late March. Co-owner Omer Shorshi told DNAinfo that he had hoped to return to the East Village, but spaces were just too expensive, in many cases double the $5,000 a month rent he and partner Suzanne Levinson had paid.

The new space, practically on NYU's campus, is bigger than the original and has room for about 25 seats, so fry fiends can actually sit down and experiment with all those sauces. Plus, for the first time, they'll also be able to wash down their orders with beer and wine. The duo is applying for a beer and liquor license, but Shorshi says it's "not going to be a bar." Nonetheless, this does mean you will be able to eat fries while getting drunk, instead of after.

In the aftermath of the explosion, Pommes Frites took some donations to help it rebuild, but later this month the owners also plan to launch a crowdfunding campaign to help finance the move. "Hopefully our customers from the East Village are willing to walk to come to us in Greenwich Village," says Shorshi. "I hope it's going to work."

Pommes Frites

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