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Dirt Candy Hit by TP Thief, Koreano Outsells Fuku's Original, Plus Other Vital A.M. Intel

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Fresh out of the fryer and piping hot restaurant intel. Allow five minutes for cooling.


— A TP thief hit Dirt Candy this weekend.

SRSLY dude, how hard is it to go to your local bodega and buy a pack of TP at 4 a.m. when you run out like the rest of us?


Sunday afternoon at Fuku. Credit: Nick Slolares

—  The spicy chicken sandwich topped with daikon radish slaw dubbed The Koreano is apparently the new ruling king at Fuku. The shop had sold out of them by 2:40 p.m. yesterday leaving the rest of the afternoon's customers to settle for the original. Those hopping to get their hands on either will need to hold their horses. The shop returns Wednesday.

— Elsewhere in Momo-land, Milk Bar's new-ish outpost in Soho is dunzo.

Adam Platt is seriously bummed that tasting menus are still going strong: "It pains us to report that...the gourmet-tasting-menu craze, which began with David Chang's original Ko close to a decade ago, is going stronger than ever." So, the critic does us all a favor and offers "report cards" on six of the city's newer tasting menus. (Yeah, so, so bummed) Top of the class? Ronny Emborg's new 19 plate menu at Atera.

— Hear ye, hear ye all spring roll fans. There's now a dedicated spring roll shop that's just opened on the Lower East Side called Sam's. There's no booze to go with those rolls quite yet, but it should be coming soon.

Cops busted a man for $12 million of cocaine smuggled in about 630 pounds of shrimp. Well, that's one way to do it. How the cocaine was stored in the shrimp is anyone's guess.

— Mermaid Inn uptown is moving just next door into a bigger space. The team has posted a list of 10 reasons the new space is better including this gem: "We want you to eat sardines, not feel like one."

mermaid inn


— Baguette Invasion: Plywood and signage is up at Maison Kayser's first West Village outpost at the corner of Christopher and Bleecker.

maison kayser