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Bronx Man Suing Whole Foods For Overcharging Him on Items for Three Years

And, he's hoping to make this a class action suit.


Just a day after the city told us all that Whole Foods really is overcharging customers, a Bronx man filed a lawsuit against the market. In his suit, Joseph Bassolino cites the Department of Consumer affairs sting that revealed what a commissioner called "the worst case of overcharges that [inspectors have] ever seen." Bassolino says he's overpaid for food repeatedly over the past three years and is seeking unspecified damages, reports NBC NY. He alleges that the market used deceptive practices to earn unjust profits. He's also hoping to turn this into a class action suit.

It's not just Bassolino that the market will have to face. The city fine for falsely labeling a package can go as high as $950 for the first violation and up to $1,700 for following violations. Seeing as the city found 80 different types products that were mislabeled, Whole Foods is facing thousands in fines.

Just last year the market was forced to fork over $800,000 to settle a similar issue at some of its California stores.