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This Week's Top 10 Stories on Eater NY

Check out the top ten most read stories on Eater NY from the past week.


1) Man Beaten and Tasered Over $1 Change Owed at Hell's Kitchen Chinese Restaurant


Add this to the reasons you might not want to eat near Port Authority. 


2) City Sting Reveals Whole Foods Has Been Overcharging New Yorkers Since 2010


It's always seemed too expensive to shop at Whole Foods. Now, there's proof. 


3) Arepas, Patacones, y Perros con Todo: Is Venezuelan New York’s Next Food Fad?

VenezPataconHamburgerPatacon.0.jpg Robert Sietsema on the city's myriad Venezuelan restaurants. 

Robert Sietsema

4) 15 Beer Geek Destinations in New York City

ydtgRHiTGiqzl3amDGeREfs12Iqg1cQT4rbGwJybimA.0.jpgThe nerdiest bars to put back a pint.


5) The Buzz: Three Drinks to Try Right Now in New York City


Orange wine, sherry, sake — it's all here. 


6) Like Trade Winds, Aussie Indian Blows Into the East Village


Robert Sietsema reviews Aussie import Babu Ji, which specializes in expat Indian cuisine.

Robert Sietsema

7) Did Cafe Luxembourg Air Brush the Naked Ladies on Its Postcard?


They looked fine the way they were. 

Robert Sietsema

8) Line Waiters Get a Break as Two-Day Fuku Drought Goes Into Effect Once Again

fuku12.0.0.0.jpgDave Chang's chicken sensation gets some set hours. TL;DR: don't show up on a Monday or Tuesday. 

Nick Solares

9) Mission Cantina Burritos, Vanderbilt Market Plywood, Polo Bar Dress Code, and More Intel


AM intel that's more vital than your morning cup of coffee. 


10) American Terroir at Miller's Near & Far Burger & Bar


Can a hamburger have terroir? Nick Solares investigates the all-American burger at Miller's Near & Far.

Nick Solares