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Midtown's Cafe Joul Says Farewell with a Bittersweet Note in the Window

Hopefully, the new bar concept will keep the doors open.


After 15 years, French neighborhood restaurant Cafe Joul is closing and changing directions. A tipster sends the pic of a note from co-owner Heidi (who must be such a fixture of the area that no last names are necessary) explaining the situation:

We would love to stay open but in the past couple of years our neighborhood has been going through some tough times, our busy nights have not been making up for the quiet ones — especially throughout the summers. We do believe Sutton area is headed for a renewed, vibrant commercial life in the next few years, unfortunately we will not able to hold out until then in our current capacity.

The restaurant will switch to a cafe during the day/wine and cocktail bar with small plates at night format sometime this summer. Hopefully the changes will keep the doors open.

Check out the full letter below.

cafe joul note

Cafe Joul

1070 1st Ave, New York, NY 10022 (212) 759-3131 Visit Website

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