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Drunk Brunch Disaster Pranna Likely Won't Make It to Fall 2015

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Community board members aren't buying promises of change.

Daniel Krieger

The end of Pranna's days seems nigh. The three-story bottomless brunch terrordome has been on the neighborhood shit list for a while now and despite promises to clean up its act, it apparently hasn't, or at least not enough. Owners Rajiv and Payal Sharma went before Community Board 5's public safety and quality of life committee last night to present plans for a new concept for the space and ask for a renewed liquor license. They got a flat out denial. "We issue four or five denials a year at most. If any application deserves a flat denial, that's this one," a board member said to applause, according to Gothamist. The vote shouldn't come as a surprise. The board put the clubsteraunt on probation last summer, so it's not like they were on good to terms to start with.

The Sharmas say they want to turn the three story spot into a multi-use space with a high-end restaurant called Ziya and a basement lounge of sorts called Indiyaka. There were even promises of closing at the early bird hour of 1 a.m., nailing tables so there wouldn't be any makeshift dance floor action, and getting rid of the house DJ, but the committee simply wasn't buying that lot of goods.

The full community board still needs to vote on the issue, which won't happen until two weeks from now. Even if they say no (which they likely will) there's still a chance the State Liquor Authority could sign-off on the renewal, but with a flat out denial so far, that doesn't seem too likely. The current license runs through September.


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