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Soft Serve, Manwiches, and More Signs of the Impending Veggie Burger Apocalypse

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Essential updates on Superiority Burger, the restaurant that will destroy us all.

Del Posto pastry chef Brooks Headley is getting ready to thrust open the doors to Superiority Burger, arguably the most anticipated veggie burger restaurant in the history of New York City or the rest of the world for that matter. Although the chef has yet to publicly acknowledge that the restaurant is opening soon in the old Dirt Candy space on Ninth Street, its name is now listed on the DOH website, and food-world luminaries attended preview dinners in the space earlier this week.

The veggie burger train is about to leave plywood station. The only question is whether you want to hop on board that beautiful green locomotive, or hitchhike your way to flavor mountain, like a chump.

The paper is still up in the windows, with a dummy menu for a restaurant called "Chicken," but the Superiority Burger team released a few pictures from inside the cave of vegetal mysteries for us to mull over until the stone is rolled away from the mouth and we can wander in.

Manwiches? Cannoli burgers? Stevedores?

One of everything @steve_dore_

A photo posted by @superiorityburger on

Soft serve?!


A photo posted by @superiorityburger on

And, from a few weeks ago, here's a pic of the broccoli salad:

chewy stuff crunchy stuff green stuff

A photo posted by @superiorityburger on

Curiously, the Superiority Burger website notes that it will offer "vegetarian, vegan, and non-vegetarian" options. So maybe — just maybe! — there might even be some flecks of meat in one or more of the dishes. If you hear anything else about the impending veggie burger apocalypse, please let us know.

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