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Did Cafe Luxembourg Airbrush the Naked Ladies on Its Postcard? Not Really [UPDATE]

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You be the judge. Warning: this post is possibly NSFW depending on how liberal your office is, but then again, it was distributed by a restaurant.

Cafe Luxembourg/FB

From the Eater Tipline: "Café Luxembourg is one of my favorite restaurants...but they recently changed their iconic postcards that had real women on it (roll of back fat, dimpled backsides & thicker legs) to an airbrushed version! Compare the two attached. I love C-Lux but am disappointed that they aren't keeping it real.  There was nothing wrong with the original postcard other than the cigarette!"

Here is the postcard in question:

Cafe Luxe

UPDATE: Cafe Luxembourg's GM sends along the following:

The photograph on the left is exactly like the one we have used for the past 32 years... It is our current postcard; we sell it as a poster; it is a check presenter; it is the image on our wrapped chocolate wafers.

The air brushed photograph on the right, is the Cafe Luxembourg gift card holder [which the team used to promote the (Red) campaign in June]

Many years ago we hired a graphics firm to design our gift card along with the accompanying paper folder. Apparently someone along the line decided a new version of our lovely ladies was preferable! Not printing we will definitely correct the oversight!

Cafe Luxembourg

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