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Will the Lines for Fuku and Superiority Burger Meet to Form a Sandwich Queue Voltron?

Here is your East Village sandwich line forecast for summer 2015.

[Fuku this morning at 11 a.m. this morning]
[Fuku this morning at 11 a.m. this morning]
Nick Solares

David Chang's fried chicken sandwich atelier, Fuku, is back in full swing after a two day vacation. According to one member of Team Eater, Chang and his crew might have even made some slight tweaks to the formula over that two day break, because "the crust is crunchier and the meat not nearly as stringy."

With the impending opening of Superiority Burger on the horizon, Team Eater got to wondering: Will the chicken sandwich and veggie burger lines ever intersect? Or possibly merge into one two-headed hellbeast of a sandwich line?


While anything and everything is possible in the overlapping Fuku/SupBurg universes, it's not likely, because for one thing, the Fuku line would have start snaking down First Avenue as opposed to around the corner onto 10th Street, like it normally does. Also, the line would have to cross the avenue, which would be difficult from a logistical standpoint, and possibly deadly. Odds are, never the twain shall meet.

On a related Fuku note, here's the slaw-topped, off-the-menu Koreano sandwich:


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