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Brooks Headley's Superiority Burger Rumored to Open in Former Dirt Candy Space This Week

The veggie burger apocalypse is nearly upon us.

Nick Solares

At the James Beard Awards gala 2014, Del Posto pastry chef/punk rock hero Brooks Headley surprised all the people in uncomfortable, rented attire by serving veggie burgers that packed a major punch. It was basically the only thing people were talking about at Lincoln Center that evening. They tasted like Shackburgers, minus the Pat LaFrieda beef.

[Brooks, doing his thing at Del Posto]

A few months later, Headley hosted a one-night pop-up for his "Superiority Burger" at Family Recipe on the LES, and the veggie-loving people of the city showed up in full force. Headley organized more one-night Superiority pop-ups at various locations around this city in the fall, including one at the old Dirt Candy space on Christmas Day.

[Superiority Burger line by Marguerite Preston]

Now, word on the street is that Brooks is planning to open an official outpost of his veggie burger restaurant in that very space, 430 E 9th St., in the next few days.Brooks also served things like a "vegan hippy wrap" and charred broccoli salad at some of his pop-ups, so odds are the menu will include more than just those veggie burgers.

Headley has yet to confirm or deny that he's gearing up for the launch of Superiority Burger on Ninth Street, but rumor has it that he's been hosting friends and family meals in the old Dirt Candy space this week. Brooks is still rocking the pastry station at Del Posto. By all accounts, this is just a side-project along the lines of Mark Ladner's Pasta Flyer.

Right now, there's a dummy menu in the window advertising a chicken restaurant:

[Dummy menu by Nick Solares]

Stay tuned for more details on the forthcoming veggie burger apocalypse. Although a worker at the address today wouldn't confirm that the restaurant is, in fact, Superiority Burger, he did mention that the space is probably going to open tomorrow or this weekend.

As always, if you hear any gossip about this project or any other restaurant that's opening soon, please let us know.

UPDATE: Foster Kamer points out that, why yes indeed, the Department of health website lists Superiority Burger at 430 East 9th Street. No letter grade yet, but you can almost taste the veggie burgers.

430 east 9th St

430 E. 9th St., , New York

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