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Reviews for The Eddy, Noreetuh, Untitled at the Whitney, and More

A rundown of everything you need to know about this week's new restaurant reviews.

[Untitled at the Whitney.]
[Untitled at the Whitney.]
Daniel Krieger

A lot of the critics are taking the week off, but there are still some reviews to digest on this muggy Wednesday morning in June. Here's a roundup:

Pete Wells finds some exciting dishes on the menu at East Village Hawaiian restaurant Noreetuh, as well as a few courses that don't quite achieve liftoff. A few blocks north, he also finds some hits and misses at The Eddy on Sixth Street, but the critic is won over by its overall vibe: "The one of those restaurants that gets so many little details right that your main course can be a little shaky and you can still walk out happy." He gives both restaurants one star each.

Adam Platt is not totally in love with the dining room at Danny Meyer's newest restaurant, Untitled at the Whitney. But the menu from Michael Anthony and Suzanne Cupps pleases the critic and the various members of the Platty Posse: "Even the card-carrying carnivores at my table enjoyed the roasted beets (touched with buttermilk) and the cauliflower (caramelized, then served in a subtle coconut curry), but if you get just one dish, make it the leeks, which are seared to a kind of brûléed crunchiness, touched with oranges, and arranged on the plate in a decorative symmetrical pattern, like one of the art pieces upstairs." Two stars.

[Lupulo by Nick Solares]

The Elsewhere: Hannah Goldfield of Tables for Two digs George Mendes' menu at Lupulo, but Christina Izzo is not as impressed by the food — she hands the restaurant three stars out of five. And over in Williamsburg, Ligaya Mishan gives a big thumbs up to Mr. Curry, the Indian restaurant that operates out of Saltie three nights a week.

[Oleanders by Nick Solares]

The Blogs: Andrew Steinthal gives Cafe Cortadito a 4.5 rating because its bottomless brunch is annoying, The Pink Pig visits a trio of East Village tapas restaurants, The Food Doc enjoys his meal at Fuku, Joe DiStefano recommends ordering the beef soup at Mamu Thai Noodle in Astoria, and Goodies First has pleasant experiences at both Oleanders and Four Horsemen in Williamsburg.


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