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Philly's Stunt Burger Masters PYT Mark Their NYC Territory on the Bowery

Expect fried Twinkie burgers and the like to land later this summer.

Nick Solares

Philadelphia's stunt-burger specialist PYT has been mum about its NYC expansion plans since it announced it was bringing its deep fried Twinkie burgers to Gotham way back in February. Yesterday, the team finally announced its arrival along the Bowery with some silver paper and signage. Owner and burger master Tommy Up tells Eater: "We are taking over the old Forcella & Espolita space across from the  Bowery Hotel. We are actually working with them and their speakeasy pizza SRO will be in the back, we are in the front." So, that explains the brown paper that went up at the old Forcella space last week. Still, the Bowery Pizza sign that went up along with it doesn't make much sense. Perhaps it's part of one of Up's stunts? Or maybe it's just SRO's way of trying to draw in pizza-hungry diners wandering the Bowery.

Originally PYT promised to unleash its crazy burgers creations — think spaghetti buns, deep fried pizza burgers, doughnut cheesesteak burgers — on New York on July 7, but that seems like it might be a bit optimistic, given the date of the silver paper going up. Still, Up promises to land "later this summer."


334 Bowery, New York, NY