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Time's wd~50 Mini-Doc Offers One More Memorial of the Late and Great Icon

In Wylie's words: "Let's just yuck it up one last time."

Daniel Krieger

For those still in mourning over the loss of wd~50, Time just dropped its 15 minute documentary about Wylie Dufresne's trailblazing molecular Mecca. The mini-doc, which features a scruffy bespectacled Wylie riding his bike around NYC, is a pretty good (if not a little strange) primer for the ups and downs of the restaurant. "I remember being very scared when we first opened the doors but I  also felt like we were going to stick it out rain or shine and it's rained a lot but right now the sun is shining," says Wylie.

There are cameos from Daniel Boulud, Dave Chang, Wylie's food editor wife Maile Carpenter, and dad Dewey, who is bringing Wylie back to the LES to help him open his wacky sandwich shop BYGGYZ. For those who missed the final dinner, click ahead to about the 8:40 mark. As Wylie says: "Let's just yuck it up one last time."


50 Clinton Street, New York, NY 10002