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Is Williamsburg's Fried Chicken Haven Sweet Chick Leaving Its Home? No [UPDATE]

A for lease sign is posted outside.


The home of Williamsburg's ever-mobbed fried chicken spot Sweet Chick seems to be on the market. (See update below) Tipster Thomas R spotted a "Retail/Restaurant Space for Lease" sign on the North 8th side of the building over the weekend.

The restaurant, which is still very much alive and kicking, is staying mum on the matter, but it comes as a bit of a surprise, since the southern-themed spot is A) super popular and B) its team announced just last week that it's joining forces with rapper Nas to expand, not shrink, its fried bird kingdom. The team announced the partnership at the one-year anniversary party of the LES location, which opened last summer. Together they are working on a third (undisclosed) location in NYC and contemplating some West Coast outlets.

A staffer who answered the phone at the original outlet said he didn't know anything about the sign and that owner John Seymour wasn't on site at the moment. Joseph Colista, a real estate agent listed on the sign, confirmed that the sign is his and that it's up, but wouldn't comment on the listing, and at least at the moment, there's no listing on the real estate company's website. So, is Sweet Chick fleeing the coop? Eater's working to find out.

UPDATE: The sign has been taken down (evidence below). According to a rep, the "for lease" sign was up for just a few days. The landlord apparently owns several other building and was "using the space, preciously, to spread the word." So the birds are safe.

sweet chick safe

Courtesy of Sweet Chick

Sweet Chick

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