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Line Waiters Get a Break as Two-Day Fuku Drought Goes Into Effect Once Again

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The good ship Fuku is in dry dock, once again.

[The Fuku line on Friday, right before Monday.]
[The Fuku line on Friday, right before Monday.]
Nick Solares

Fuku is, without a doubt, New York's most popular fried chicken sandwich shop in a space that previously housed a three-star tasting menu restaurant. According to early reports, the wait to get in averages around 15 to 20 minutes, although fearing the worst, some people are showing up to the restaurant with actual folding chairs, like it's Franklin Barbecue or the first screening of Return of the Jedi.  It looks like the professional queue-standers at Same Ole Line Dudes are already participating in FukuSanity 2015.


But there is no line for those Fuku-fanatics to wait in today, because the restaurant is actually closed till Wednesday. An Eater tipster spotted a sign indicating the two-day closure in the window this morning, and the official Momo homepage has updated its hours to reflect the break.


As you may recall, the Momo Mothership shocked the chicken-loving world last weekend with the announcement that Fuku was taking a two-day breather, and now it looks like we're in a holding pattern. That's right New York: For the time being, Fuku is a five-day-a-week operation. David Chang & Co. probably just need those two days off to perfect the delivery system and fine-tune the operating procedure for the eventual launch of seven-day-a-week service, and maybe — just maybe! — evening service.

As always, stay tuned for more updates on FukuSanity 2015, and feel free to join the discussion about this restaurant over on the forums.


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