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Charlie Bird Team Gets Unanimous Approval from CB2 For New Kenmare Street Restaurant

Beer and wine will flow at the new Charlie Bird restaurant.

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On Thursday night, the Charlie Bird team received unanimous approval for a wine and beer license for their new restaurant on Kenmare Street. The tenants association for that building had been burned by noisy bars before, but Robert Bohr, Ryan Hardy and Grant Reynolds agreed to a midnight closing time (11 p.m. on Sunday and Monday) and extensive soundproofing, so everything's squared away. According to the lawyer for the tenants association, "restaurant owners Ryan Hardy, Robert Bohr, and Grant Reynolds came together with the tenants of 86 Kenmare Street to protect this quiet neighborhood."

So it looks like it's full steam ahead for the upcoming wine and pizza hotspot. More info, like plywood photos and an opening date, to follow.

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