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This Week's Top 10 Stories on Eater NY

Check out the top ten most read stories on Eater NY from the past week.

A Dave Chang style chicken sandwich : Golden brown and overflowing the bun
A Dave Chang style chicken sandwich : Golden brown and overflowing the bun
Eater NY

1) Fuku Takes a Two-Day Break Following Finger Lickin' Lines Stretching 'Round the Block


Fuku mania continues this week leading to some crazy-long lines and a two day hiatus for the hottest chicken sandwich in town.

2) Man Who Hit Gay Couple With Chair at Dallas BBQ Turns Himself In

CQEnsRVGldUcLXcQcTcAQ9hh-557b9ZwyMwqee-n1Cw.0.0.0.jpgBayna-Lehkiem El-Amin, the man who hit a gay couple with a chair while yelling homophobic slurs, has turned himself in. He's been charged with felony assault.


3) New York City's 10 Craziest Sandwiches


Robert Sietsema breaks down the ten most bonkers sandwiches in New York at this very moment.

Robert Sietsema

4) Man Beaten and Tasered Over $1 Change Owed at Hell's Kitchen Chinese Restaurant


A misunderstanding leads to a tasering and a beatdown at a Port Authority Chinese restaurant.


5) New York City's Hottest Brunch Restaurants, Spring 2015 15461969337_694c1b5ea8_h.0.jpg

Egg-topped pizzas, pimento cheese biscuit sandwiches, kale shakshuka—this brunch guide's got it all.

Daniel Krieger

6) New York City's Top 20 Barbecue Restaurants 20130202fletchers_ribs.0.jpg

Resident carnivore Nick Solares deftly explains the state of barbecue in New York and lists the 20 best spots to get a fix.

Nick Solares

7) Gramercy Tavern Serves The Platonic Ideal of the 'Chef Burger'


Want to know what goes into one of the city's best off-menu chef burgers? Read on.

Nick Solares

8) The Cocktail Heatmap: Where to Drink Right Now 17184029813_16d4372e35_k__1_.0.jpg

Leyenda, Julie Reiner and Ivy Mix's brand new bar celebrating Latin American drinks makes its way on to the Cocktail Heatmap.

Daniel Krieger

9) Rita Sodi and Jody Williams Knock it Out of the Park at Via Carota


Via Carota is a four-star spot, according to critic Robert Sietsema.   

Daniel Krieger

10) Who's Eater NY's New Editor? The Answer May Surprise You 2602489136_5821dbb870_o.0.0.0.jpg

Guess who's back, back again. 

Daniel Krieger

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