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Bonkers Clubstaurant Sushi Roxx to Serve Tuna Rolls With a Side of 'Sexy Choreography'

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Midtown is about to get a restaurant where the servers double as dancers.

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Dinner theater is making a totally insane comeback next month at Midtown's Tuscany Hotel. A new restaurant called Sushi Roxx is getting ready for its close up with what the team is calling a Tokyo "dinner theater experience." By experience they mean there will be a "nightly spectacle" called Pop Roxx, during which your boring old servers start performing "sexy choreography" by Asia Nitollano – best known for becoming a member of the Pussycat Dolls in a reality competition, only to drop out shortly after – in uniforms by designer Betsey Johnson. The walls will also transform into "Asian cityscapes...with dragons weaving in and out of the walls and pillars being transformed into flowing waterfalls." Like some nightmarish cross between Queen of the Night and Ninja.

An a la carte menu will come from executive chef Edwin Purnomo, who logged five years at the well respected Sushi of Gari. There are promises of the a "Spice Girl" roll with salmon, pickled jalapeno, basil, and aioli and a "Mr. Miyagi" roll with avocado, cucumber, Japanese pickle, sprouts, burdock and sriracha. The whole spectacle starts on July 7.

Sushi Roxx

120 East 39th Street, New York, NY 212.726.9500

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