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Man Beaten and Tasered Over $1 Change Owed at Hell's Kitchen Chinese Restaurant

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The man was just trying to buy a homeless guy some dinner.


Wednesday night, Heirberto Chavez walked into New Panda Restaurant near Port Authority to pick up an order of wings and fries that he had already paid for. While walking in, a homeless man asked him for $2.75 for a meal. Chavez put a $5 bill on the counter to pay for the homeless man's meal, but was only given $1.25 as change. What transpired immediately is a bit unclear, but the situation turned bad quickly, as two brothers who work at the shop allegedly attacked him: "This thing went from zero to 60 real quick. It escalated from an argument to them hitting me and then using the Taser," he told the Post"As I’m leaving, they kept coming towards me. We were having words, but nothing physical happened until I got to the door. Then they started swinging at me."

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The brothers, still in their aprons, chased Chavez down 9th Avenue, failing and then succeeding in tasing him. Chavez says at least two other staffers from the store joined in. Chavez was bruised, bleeding from the mouth and burned on the back of his neck.

Port Authority cop Katherine Acevedo witnessed the scene and apprehended the brothers Gary and Robert Zheng. Both were charged with assault and weapons possession.

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New Panda Restaurant

570 9th Ave, New York, NY 10036 (212) 695-0836

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