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Ess-A-Bagel Signing a Lease Across Street from Much Missed 1st Ave Location

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Everything will be exactly the same.


O.G. bagel shop Ess-A-Bagel is making good on its promise to return to the Stuy Town area from whence it came. The shop was forced to leave its 39-year-old home on 1st Avenue in March to make way for a bank and shop called Tower Bagels, forcing fans into mourning.

Today, a staffer at the Midtown location confirms that the team is in the process of signing a lease for a space right across the street from the shuttered shop and that everything will be just as it was. "It's going to be the same thing, but with a better location, we're not changing anything," said the staffer who declined to give out the exact address. Since Ess-A-Bagel sat on a corner with one window facing Stuy Town, "across the street" might mean across 21st Street.

Lest us not forget that Tal Bagels is also rumored to be moving in with a bagel bakery and a separate appetizing shop on 1st Avenue just north of 21st Street. This means there will likely be three bagels within a block radius, but at least — hopefully — they won't be right next to one another as some original feared. The staffer said that it's too early to tell when the store will open. In the meantime, thankfully, the 3rd Avenue bakery is running per usual.

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