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Purveyor of Heavily-Sauced Chicken Parts Dallas BBQ Forced to Close Due to Gas Leak

No more telephone-book size pieces of cornbread and heaps of glistening purple ribs for now.

Facebook/Dallas BBQ

The St. Marks location of garbage pail daiquiri peddler Dallas BBQ has been shut down because Con Ed discovered a gas leak in the basement of the building. The Grieve shares photos of the note from the building's management company about the gas-turn off and also a sign from the Dallas BBQ team that reads: "Sorry We Are Close Due to Emergency Building Repairs."

According to the building's management, the restaurant's gas won't be restored for weeks. But on Facebook, the Dallas BBQ team notes: "We plan to reopen this week and will keep you posted." The space sits exactly one block away from the site of the horrible Second Avenue building explosion, which was caused by a gas leak.

It's been a rather ugly year for the local chain: Two gay customers were injured during an allegedly homophobic attack at the Chelsea location on Cinco De Mayo, and a woman was hit in the head during a fight at that same restaurant a few weeks after that. More details on the fate of the St. Marks location as they become available.

Update: One of the owners of the chain sends an update:

Unfortunately, the whole building didn't pass so the residents will remain without hot water until everything is resolved. This situation has been handled safely for both the residents and our patrons and is the result of a scheduled inspection not a dangerous leak or emergency.

Also, the Chelsea location of the chain has extended its delivery zone to cover the East Village, and all the employees from the St. Marks location are being offered opportunities to work at the other outposts until the issue is resolved.

Dallas BBQ

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