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Danny Meyer's F-Bomb, Bar Theft, Cuozzo's Selfie, and More Early Intel

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Hot, buttery, occasionally crumbly restaurant news and gossip from around New York City.

Early morning at Veselka.
Early morning at Veselka.
Daniel Krieger

— Yesterday, a bunch of big restaurateurs, hoteliers, and writers gathered in New York for the second annual Welcome Conference. It's basically a hospitality version of TEDx, where successful industry people regale an audience of their peers with stories and lessons they've learned serving guests. Hospitality shaman Danny Meyer made the closing remarks, which included this gem:

If there's one thing that frustrates me more than anything about the notion of being right, it's that being right too often gets in the way of being generous. Because being right is too often used as a way to protect us from doing the thing that will actually most serve us. And if I can leave you with one thought, it's that being right is completely fucking irrelevant.

Danny doesn't drop F-bombs very often, but he really knows how to use them for emphasis.

Robert Sietsema.

[Photo: Robert Sietsema]

— Further proof that Seventh Avenue is a hard-luck stretch for West Village restaurants: This Subway location was just seized by the marshal.

— At a roundtable discussion yesterday hosted by Crain's and Queens Borough President Melinda Katz, a McDonald's franchisee explained that three or four of his seven locations would close if the $15 minimum wage increase went into effect.

— A man claims that he saw a bouncer from Williamsburg dive The Charleston knock some guy to the ground on Saturday night, just hours before an unconscious man with severe head trauma was discovered in the bar. Police have made no arrests.

— A Harlem bar owner was robbed of $6,000 worth of tools and materials earlier this week. Claud Fatu was in the process of renovating his bar Harlem Nights when the burglars made off with his stuff. He plans to borrow tools from some of his contractor friends and finish the job.

— Per the tipline, it looks like a new donburi restaurant is coming to 253 West 55th St. in Midtown. The space was previously home to East Japanese Restaurant. No word on the exact opening date.

— We have an early contender for best bar name of 2015: Bad Old Days. It's coming to Ridgewood later this summer with "late night food, easy drinking cocktails, and plenty of sass," according to its Kickstarter page.

— And finally, here is an image to meditate on as you go about your day, courtesy of Post curmudgeon Steve Cuozzo: