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Regular at The Palm Finds Two-Inch Razor Blade in His Hash Browns

Add this to the list of scary things New Yorkers have found in their food.


New Yorkers have found some strange things in their food before (remember that dead frog in a salad from Pret?). Now, add a two-inch razor in some hash browns to that list. An unnamed regular at the Palm Too found one in a mouthful of hash browns last night at the restaurant. The manager comped the meal and the restaurant's rep came clean about the incident to the Daily News saying: "It was an unfortunate, but isolated, incident. Fortunately the guest wasn't injured." The rep blames the house's potato slicer and says the kitchen stopped serving potatoes after the incident.

The blade in question. Yikes.

razor the palm too


No word yet on whether the chap, whose face is on the wall of The Palm Tribeca, will sue the restaurant or ever return. But, his dining companion says she may never eat ever again... Kelly Kreth wrote on her Tumblr "I am shaken and nauseous — may never eat again."

The bad publicity comes at a rough time for The Palm. There are rumors that the original, which closed in April for an eight month renovation, may not reopen.

The Palm Too

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