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What Fresh Hell is This?: Manhattan's Only Cinnabon Is Now Closed

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New Yorkers now must travel to Queens if they want basketball-size cinnamon buns that have the density of dying stars.

[Farewell sweet prince.  You were too good for this wretched train station food court. ]
[Farewell sweet prince. You were too good for this wretched train station food court. ]

Sometimes, life deals you a bum hand. And for fans of massive cinnamon rolls shellacked with white frosting, this is one of those times. The Cinnabon in Penn Station — Manhattan's only location of the chain — is now closed.

An Eater tipster snapped this picture of the shop as workers were packing it up last night. Apparently, they were patting each other on the back, as if to congratulate themselves on a job well done. A worker at the Queens Center shop confirms that the stand is dunzo. No word yet on what will take its place.  As recently as 2010, there were outposts of the chain in Port Authority (Cinnabon/Carvel combo) and Rock Center, but those have since gone the way of the Dodo.

Like nearby Auntie Annie's, Cinnabon provided one of the quintessential Penn Station aromas. Though it was not subtle, that sugary perfume helped offset the grim, Fincher-esque vibe of Penn Station's Lower Level.

Do you know of a restaurant or bar in your neighborhood that recently closed or opened? Please send any intel — or photos — to the tipline.

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