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Steve Cuozzo Is Tres Impressed With Battery Park's French Food Hall Le District

Four stars for the market, but just two for the flagship restaurant Beaubourg.

Daniel Krieger

Steve Cuozzo falls hard for downtown's news French-themed food hall Le District. The Post critic was wowed by the food, praising the "simple but satisfying Spanish sardines, silver-skinned, spineless and olive-oil-drenched," the market selection, and the price point: "a mere $4 buys the cheese station’s satisfying Emmenthal-and-fig spread on a baguette." He's less sure of the market's flagship restaurant Beaubourg, than he is of the market itself, but he sees good things coming to the neighborhood:

The complex’s only full-fledged restaurant at this point, Beaubourg, is a charming, two-star place. But Le District, as a whole, adds a four-star jewel to the Financial District’s expanding culinary constellation, one which will soon boast restaurants by Joël Robuchon, Tom Colicchio, Keith McNally, Wylie Dufresne and April Bloomfield..

Not all critics think alike. Robert Sietsema was considerably less impressed with Le District when he visited recently, claiming that the French market lacks the expansive produce and hyper-regional fare offered at Eataly.

Le District

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