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Alphabet City NIMBYs Don't Want $300 Cocktails on Their Block

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A nightclub with bottle service on Avenue C?

Google Street View

Master mixologist Albert Trummer, who was once arrested for setting some booze on fire, is charging ahead with his plans for an Alphabet City bar, scoring Community Board approval this week. Trummer, who used to helm the bar at Chinatown speakeasy Apothéke, wants to serve $1,600 bottles of champagne, a $300 cocktail, and offer bottle service for a cool $375 bottle of vodka at his new place. There are also plans for a DJ.

But the thought of this sort of Meatpacking District-style lounge landing in their neighborhood has enraged some NIMBYs, who have launched a petition to keep it out, claiming it's "completely incongruous to the neighborhood." There are only two other businesses with liquor licenses within 500 feet, so it's likely the State Liquor Authority will give its sign off. But will $300 cocktails last long on Avenue C anyways?

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