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Jonathan Waxman's Jams 2.0 Won't Look Much Like the Original

Expect lots of light and a semi-open kitchen

Ben Jay

Jonathan Waxman's redo of Jams, his 80s farm-to-table restaurant will soon open in the trendy 1 Hotel Central Park. Since every hip, eco-friendly hotel demands an equally green California-themed restaurant, signing on Barbuto's Jonathan Waxman makes a lot of sense. But, even though the name of the restaurant and the chef are the same, according to Waxman, Jams 2.0 will not look like the original: "Not much is similar other than the semi-open kitchen. There will be some elements of the past, like good art and wonderful tableware. But the location is better, has more light, and will be more comfortable." The huge space, which was designed by AvroKO, features a wood-burning oven, large windows, and a bare bones aesthetic that mimics the environmentally friendly focus of the hotel.

Waxman also notes the passage of time means his customers will probably be a mix of  "folks who went to Jams" back in the day and millenials who "heard about it from their parents."  No word yet on the menu, but it's clear that signature dishes, like Waxman's adored chicken and his red pepper pancakes, will be in play. The restaurant should open in July – early July if our predictions are correct.


1414 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY