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Rumors Say the Original Palm Steakouse May Not Return from Renovations

It's just a rumor for now, but a serious one.


There’s an unsettling rumor currently floating around that the original Palm steakhouse may actually be closed for good. The restaurant shuttered in April, just shy of its 90th birthday ostensibly an eight month renovation, but preservationist blogger Jeremiah Moss hears from a tipster:

I have heard from a very reliable source...that the building is not salvageable. What was supposed to be less than a one-year renovation may actually be a tear down. This would be another major loss for NYC.

Granted, this is a bit like a game of telephone, but the tipster adds: "restoration has not begun, and that other interested parties are looking at the property." If the rumor is true, what will happen to the legendary caricatures drawn on the walls? It’s too early to know. But, when the Palm in LA moved, the drawings did not come with it. Some were cut out and given to the subjects. Hopefully, the original Palm (and its drawings) are safe. Eater is reaching out for more information. Stay tuned.

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