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Momofuku's Top Secret Chicken Chain Is a Secret No More: Liveblogging FUKUSANITY

Liveblogging from the front lines at the opening of Momofuku's first-ever fast casual restaurant.

Nick Solares

Update 4:00: The live blog is over now, but you can still take in all the Fukumania below. Plus, here's a recap of all the live action you missed on Eater's Snapchat (that's Eaterdotcom, and if you're not following, you should).:

With less than an hour until David Chang unleashed his spicy chicken concept on the world, workers finally peeled the brown paper off the windows of the first-ever fast casual Momofuku restaurant:


As the last minute unveiling shows, security on this thing has been air tight. But Eater is on the scene and first in line. Check back here for updates, and be sure to follow Eaterdotcom on Snapchat for LIVE on-scene footage.

They just peeled off the backing of the decal:


Update 10:55: There are now five people in line.

Second in line is Amanda Prager, a writer's PA, who was sent to pick up 14 sandwiches:


Third in line is Adam Gendelman, who is here to pick up 10 15 sandwiches. These things are going to go fast.


Update 11:00: And the paper is OFF. Time for some last-minute Windex action.


There are now 10 people in line.

Update 11:05: The first wave of people is IN. There are still less than 30 people on the scene. Also, this place is credit/debit card only. No cash, people!

Update 11:10: Annnd we are IN. Check it out:

Fuku inside

Update 11:15: The first order is up:


And there she is!

Fuku sandwich

That's a good big chunk of chicken.

Update 11:25: They're also serving margaritas and daiquiris! Current soundtrack is The Roots.

fuku drinks

You have two sauce options: Heinz or Ssam Sauce.


There are currently 33 people in line:


Update 11:30: Here's that salad, the only other option besides a chicken sandwich. It's made with farro, kale, shiso, sesame seeds, mandarin oranges, citrus vinaigrette. Eater operatives on the scene also advise adding Ssam Sauce. One employee is also so bold as to say this is her favorite thing on the menu.


And by the way, here's the whole menu!


Update 11:40: The line now wraps around the corner. This place is only open until 4 p.m., but will the sandwiches last until then?


Staff says that they still have an "ample amount," they're just "trying to get the food out as fast as we can." Here's the assembly technique:


And so far so good. We're looking at about 10 minutes from order to delivery.

Update 11:45: Let's talk about the line situation. It appears to be mostly male (about five women in line), and mostly solo diners. It's well over 50 now, which staff say they expected. They're starting to pass out water bottles to people waiting. A lot of these people are placing huge orders – one slick gentleman apparently ordered 15 and then hopped into a waiting Uber.

Update 12:30: Here's what NOT to do when ordering:

Also, the lights just when out for a minute inside, but they're back on now.

Update 12:39: The salad is looking like the dark horse in this madness. One customer tells Eater: "The "fried chicken sandwich is good, like what you'd expect. But the salad is dope." He finished both:


Update 12:48: Staff seem to be handling things like pros. One guy showed up without a credit card (remember they don't take cash), but instead of turning him away they gave him his meal for FREE. Another guy got a free Tecate for unclear reasons.

Update 1:15: The early word so far is good:

Also, Wylie Dufresne may or may not be there:

Update 1:30: Milk Bar queen Christina Tosi is reportedly on the scene. No sign so far of the man himself, David Chang. Will he make an appearance?

Update 2:11: Eater critics Ryan Sutton and Robert Sietsema file their insta-impressions of the food. The short version: they're good. Read the long version right this way.

Update 2:30: Here's what a Fuku michelada looks like. It is, of course, made with Ssam Sauce.

ssäm sauce michelada holy fuckkkkkkkk @davidchang

A photo posted by nately (@nately) on

Update 3:50: Minutes before closing time at 4 p.m., there is NO LINE outside, though chicken is still being served inside.


The place is quieter, but still full of people eating sandwiches:


The Fuku team also gets major points for accepting orders right up to the last minute.

Update 4:02: The doors are now closed for today. And look, there's chicken leftover!

Fuku staff

These fine Fuku cooks are done for the day. That's all there is until tomorrow, Fuku fanatics.


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