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Eleven Madison Park Team to Open Fine Dining Behemoth on Park Avenue

It sounds like they want this to be even better than Eleven Madison Park.

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Daniel Humm and Will Guidara, the gentlemen behind Eleven Madison Park and the Nomad, have signed on to open a restaurant in a new office tower going up at 425 Park Avenue. The new restaurant from the dreamweaving champs of fine dining was announced at the groundbreaking for the building this morning, so clearly its opening is still a ways away, but it's expected to debut within two or three years.

When it does, it will be a two-story beast, designed by architect Norman Foster, who is also designing the building. The duo promises that this too will be a fine dining restaurant, though doesn't have much detail beyond that at the moment. David Levinson, one of the developers of the building, tells the Post that the pair are "going for No. 1 in the world," most likely referring to the fact that they're currently number 5 on the San Pellegrino World's 50 Best Restaurants List, the highest ranking for any North American restaurant. "It will be Four Seasons on steroids for the 21st Century," he adds.

Besides the 14,000 square foot restaurant, Humm and Guidara will also run a restaurant on the 27th floor, but that one will only be available to tenants of the building.

Eleven Madison Park

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