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The Buzz: Five Drinks to Try Right Now in New York City

Five new places for beer, cider, wine and cocktails

Sherry Cobbler at Raines Law Room
Sherry Cobbler at Raines Law Room
Nick Solares

Looking for a good place to drink this weekend? If you're tired of the same old options, here's a guide to some of the city's best drinks of the moment. Some come from places that have just opened, some are new to the menu, and some are just pitch perfect choices for this particular weekend.

For a glass of Cider13995_519172911558260_4860485879397956521_n.0.jpg

Head To: Wassail, the city's first bar dedicated to hard cider.

Drink: While cider is the obvious choice (and a good one) the apple drinks at this bar extend far beyond that. Wassail offers numerous apple cocktails and five pommeaux—an aperitif that blends apple cider and brandy. Try the Bunker's Love Affair cocktail, which blends both pommeau and cider with Suze, to make a decidedly apple-y, yet bittersweet drink.


For A Fruity Drink Because it's Summer


Head To: Raines Law Room

Drink: The Sherry Cobbler. So this thirst-quenching drink isn't exactly new—it was popularized in New York in the late 1830s—but the best season to enjoy the drink has just started. Raines Law Room makes a fruity but not-too-sweet version, which Eater Drinks editor Kat Odell called "seriously addictive," and has an outdoor patio for you to drink it in. The nutty, saline character of the sherry is perfectly offset by citrus, berries, and a small hit of simple syrup. And the low alcohol content is a plus during a hot, drink-filled day.

Nick Solares

for the start of rose season


Head To: Rebelle, the new French restaurant which just opened next to Pearl and Ash (and is run by the same team) has a similarly staggering wine selection.

Drink: Wine. We're coming up on rose season and Rebelle's got a small, but interesting section including everything from a vertical of Francois Cotat's Pinot Noir-based Sancerre rose to some funkier pink stuff from cult California producer Clos Saron. On a budget? Try the ridiculously popular $30 bottle of rose from Wolffer Estate, which balances ripe red fruit and tart acidity.

Daniel Krieger

if you like your drinks blue


Head To: Porchlight or Grand Army Bar

Drink: Anything blue. In case you missed it, blue drinks are having a moment, and you can sample a cerulean-hued cocktail at Danny Meyer's Porchlight. It's called, appropriately enough, the Gun Metal Blue and is made with mezcal, peach brandy, blue curaçao and cinnamon syrup. The drink balances sweet fruit flavor with sour, and a slightly smokey bite from the mezcal. If you want your blue drink to taste a little more tropical go to the brand new Grand Army Bar for a Surfliner—navy strength rum, allspice dram, blue curaçao, cane syrup, lime juice, pineapple juice and bitters.

Nick Bennett

For A Thirst-Quenching beer


Head To: Lupulo, the Portuguese word for hops is Michelin-starred chef George Mendes' take on a traditional beer tavern.

Drink: The Moody Tongue Steeped Emperor's Lemon Saison. It's a great beer for the spring/summer season, with a bright lemon flavor and a light dose of bracing hops.