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Local Brooklyn Politician Takes a Punch for Defending Bartender from her Boss

The owner of Tommy's Tavern in Greenpoint tried to force his bartender to keep working, so

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Local politician Nick Rizzo got a black eye from the owner of Tommy's Tavern in Greenpoint early this morning. Rizzo was having a drink at the divey bar nicknamed Murder Bar (a killing took place there years ago), when a female bartender tried to leave around 3 a.m. The owner grabbed her, kept her from leaving and insisted that she continue to serve drinks. "I told him ‘Look, you can fire her, but you cannot put your hands on her and you cannot physically force her to stay,'" Rizzo told the Brooklyn Paper. The owner then punched Rizzo in the face. "I will take a punch for anyone vulnerable in my district," said Rizzo, who is a Williamsburg district leader. He called the cops, and the owner was charged with assault, menacing, disorderly conduct, and second degree harassment. Rizzo is now on the hunt for a new neighborhood bar.

Tommy's Tavern

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