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13 More Arrests Made in Queens Pizzeria’s Cocaine Smuggling Ring

This actually happened.

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Remember those mafiosos that were caught using a Queens pizzeria as a front for a cocaine smuggling operation? Federal prosecutors just sent an arrest order for 13 of the drug traffickers who have since fled back to Italy.

Pizzeria Cucino a Modo Mia in Corona was used as a cover business for a cocaine operation by the Gigliotti family who have alleged ties with both the ‘Ndrangheta mob in Italy and the Genovese family here in New York. They were caught importing 55 kilos of cocaine from Costa Rica nearly two months ago — about $2 million worth — and are currently being held without bail.

The latest development in this Godfather-esque saga involves Franco Fazio, a cousin of the Gigliotti family, was arrested today in Calabria along with a dozen others. Fazio, who allegedly traveled from from Italy to NYC and then Costa Rica with cash for the drugs, had run into some problems with the family lately. The prosecutors have a tape of Eleonora Gigliotti discussing a plan to teach him a lesson by beating him up: "Have someone grab him at night and he'll learn...Bring him here and bang him up over here....Hurting him in front of his kids." His involvement in the family business could cost him 10 years in jail.

So there you have it: cocaine, pizza, and threats of violence. Perhaps, somewhere, a screenplay is already in the works.

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