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Intelligentsia's Herald Square Outpost Shutters as the Coffee Company Eyes Brooklyn

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Urban Outfitters will take full command of the space.


The airy Intelligentsia Coffee shop in Urban Outfitters Herald Square has been given the boot, the team says in a tweet this week. The cafe, which opened last summer, was pretty much the only indie company in a sea of chain stores that have conquered 34th Street and its surroundings, but now the hipster brand store will be opening its own cafe in the space in late May after a renovation.

Fans are distressed:

Last day for @intelligentsia's Herald Square location. Thanks for the amazing coffee.

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A Midtown replacement may be long off, but a Brooklyn outpost might be in the works soon:

In the meantime, there's still an Intelligentsia in Chelsea and some solid coffee options a few blocks to the north (Culture) or the south (Stumptown) for those in need.