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Charles Masson's Split from Chevalier May Not Have Been So Amicable

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Insiders are reporting that Masson seemed 'miserable.'

Courtesy of the Baccarat Hotel

When legendary restaurant man Charles Masson announced he was leaving Shea Gallant's brand new Chevalier earlier this week, all parties insisted that the split was amicable. Masson told Flo Fab that the hotel could even call him "any time for advice." But, insiders seem to be telling a different story. One told Page Six that Masson seemed "miserable" and "worked 80 hour a week," adding that "It was like working for the Vatican" (whatever that means). Critic Gael Greene also tweeted that Masson looked displeased:

A Chevalier rep reiterated to Page Six what they told the Times, that everything ended happily: "We are incredibly grateful for Charles' efforts in launching the restaurant. We are happy to be parting as friends and . . . wish him well." But, leaving any job one month in usually means something isn't sitting right. Over the next month, general manager Thomas Caron will step into the role, while Masson plans to take some time to figure out his next professional step or if he's just going to retire and "become a bohemian, and paint."


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