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Thomas Keller to Open an American Restaurant in Hudson Yards Megaproject

He's also helping to pick out the 11 other restaurants going into the development.

Kimberly White/Getty Images

The esteemed and exacting Thomas Keller, of Per Se and California's renowned French Laundry, is planning to open a new restaurant in the mega Hudson Yards development, currently in the works on the West Side. For now, he tells the Times only that it will be a "classic American" restaurant, but gives no indication of what the price point or the style will be.

Keller will also be helping to select the 11 other restaurants going into the retail complex, along with developer and restaurateur Kenneth Himmel, of Related Urban. Though he doesn't say yet what any of these other restaurants will be, it does sound like some of the decisions have already been made. He tells the Times that they are "assembling a dynamic group, at different price points with ethnic diversity," and that some of the chefs have already been chosen, both from the US and abroad. All of these should open within the development's million square feet of retail space when it makes its debut in 2018.

Though he does also operate a couple of Bouchon Bakeries here, this will only be Keller's second major full-service restaurant in New York City, next to his Michelin-starred Per Se.

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