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John McDonald's Sicilian Soho Hotel Restaurant Sessanta Should Debut This Month

Check out what chef Jordan Frosolone's been up to.

The Gordon Bar
The Gordon Bar

Downtown restaurant man John McDonald — of Lure Fish Bar and Bowery Meat Company, among others — is getting close to opening his Sicilian/southern coastal Italian restaurant Sessanta in the Sixty Soho hotel. The team was looking for a floor manager a few weeks ago and a rep says the restaurant should open mid-May, while the hotel is quoting late May. Either way, an opening should be coming soon.

Chef Jordan Frosolone, who worked with Marco Canora at Hearth and was the culinary director for Momofuku, has been busily testing out some dishes for the restaurant and posting pictures on the restaurant's new Instagram account, which is public and ready for perusal. It's hard to tell exactly what some of them are, but it looks like there will be meatballs, fresh pastas, and roasted chicken with blood orange slices. The requisite stylish matchboxes are also ready to roll.


60 Thompson Street, New York, NY 10012