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Take in Spring Breezes and Serious Mexican Food at Rosie's in the East Village

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Take a look around the roomy spot from Marc Meyer and Vicki Freeman.

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Vic's owners Marc Meyer and Vicki Freeman managed to time the opening of their Mexican restaurant Rosie's for the first solid stretch of nice weather the city has seen this year, ideal for taking advantage of the building's design. The corner spot has two glass walls that retract to let in that sweet spring air, seating for 90, and a big bar. There's also a comal in the center of the room where chefs Angel Andrade and Chester Gerl, of Cookshop and Hundred Acres respectively, are serving some masa-based snacks, all made from masa ground in-house.

While the city's been on a bit of a Tex-Mex kick with Javelina, El Original, and even Alex Stupak adding a queso dip to the new Empellon Cocina menu, Meyer has kept things here pretty traditional. There are several ceviches, dried shrimp fritters with avocado tomatillo salsa, and a salad of cactus, queso blanco, and pickled jalapeno.

Rosie's Menu


162 Northwest 73rd Street, , FL 33150 (305) 631-2496 Visit Website