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Peek Through the Door of John McDonald's 70's Inspired Sessanta, Opening Monday

It has a sort of late Mad Men club house vibe.


Downtown restaurant man John McDonald (of Lure, B&B, El Toro Blanco, Bowery Meat) is planning to open his next project, Sicilian/coastal Italian restaurant Sessanta in the Sixty Soho this weekend [Update: the opening has been pushed to Monday]. While the team has been Instagramming lots of its menu testing, today is the first time they shared a picture showing off the space – or at least what you see when from one angle. It's got a sort of 70's club house vibe with wood paneling and some 1960's throwback furniture.

Here's a more complete look.

A sneak peak down into the main dining room.

A photo posted by Sessanta Ristorante (@sessantanyc) on

More where this came from very soon.


60 Thompson Street, New York, NY 10012