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The Sussmans Find a Home for Samesa on Orchard Street

The Community Board 3 docket next month has a couple juicy items.

Daniel Krieger

Diners struggling to finish an entire pastrami sandwich at Katz's Deli can already wash their meal down with a beer, but it looks like Katz's young gun owner Jake Dell, is hoping harder stuff to the offerings at the deli icon. Katz's appears on next month's Community Board 3 docket, applying for an upgrade to a full beer, wine, and liquor license. Dell is out of the country at the moment, so we'll all just have to wait to see what exactly he has planned, but it sounds like Katz's cocktails are in the future. Perhaps a grown up egg cream?

Dell has already made some changes to ensure the future of the deli, like the controversial sale of the building's air rights, which Dell says helped keep developers eyes off of the Katz's property. He is also considering the deli's first expansion to a market in Brooklyn. So, perhaps the liquor license is just one more thing to help along those profit margins.

Update: Dell sends word from abroad that the license is for the deli's catering arm. Sadly, there are no boozy egg creams coming in the near future.

Meanwhile, also on the docket next month is one Samesa, which can only mean that chef brothers Max and Eli Sussman have found a location for their upcoming Middle Eastern restaurant by the same name. It looks like they're applying for a liquor license at 121 Orchard Street, a space that used to house a home goods store. Meanwhile, the brothers are currently busy cooking in Montauk, and are operating a pop-up of Samesa at Berg'n, but is sounds like progress on the brick and mortar restaurant is rolling right along.

Nightlife maven Ravi Derossi is also applying for a liquor license for Verdura, his upcoming upscale vegan restaurant at 130 East 7th Street.


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