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One World Observatory Offers a Trio of Amusement Park Style Restaurants

There's a dish for each borough at the bar and grill.

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Tomorrow morning when the One World Trade Observatory opens, so will its trio of un-creatively named restaurants: One Cafe, One Mix, and One Dine. The trip to the top, complete with its lightening fast sky pod elevators and $32 entrance fee feels a bit like a downtown Manhattan amusement park and the restaurants seem to match that — only with truly spectacular views, particularly at sunset.

One Mix, the building's bar and grill goes hard on the amusement park theme with a plate for each borough: Pastrami reuben bites (Manhattan), Astoria shish kebabs (Queens), knish (Brooklyn), empanadas (The Bronx), and meatball sliders (Staten Island). Rounding out the options are some standard fare sandwiches, salads, and a burger. One perk here is that the drinks come cheap: $5 for beer and $10 cocktails, so for those who want to have a drink atop the world, One Mix is for you. One Dine is the building's "fine dining" spot with a pretty straight forward menu. Think country club, nice: citrus glazed salmon, steak, and burrata. And for those who simply can't wait for their coffee, there's One Cafe with grab-and-find-a-seat style service for salads, sandwiches, and pastries, which all fall under the $20 mark.

  One Dine Menu

  One Mix Menu

One World Observatory

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